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2012 Plastic Surgery Trends and Predictions

Will 2012 be the year that plastic surgeons help solve some of your most embarrassing problems once and for all?

You bet it will, says Denise Mann, editorial director of the Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery , All About Facial Rejuvenation and Breast Implants 4 You. In 2012, more plastic surgeons will be focused on targeting your really troublesome spots. We’re not talking muffin tops or saddle bags; we’re talking about unpleasant issues like excessively sweaty armpits (hyperhidrosis) and unsightly toenail fungus. Doesn’t sound sexy, does it? And it’s not, which is why growing numbers of men and women are desperate to cure these embarrassing ailments, and fed up with therapies that promise the moon and don’t deliver.

In 2012, more and more people will be turning to plastic surgeons who offer liposuction-based procedures to cure hyperhidrosis, as well as lasers to cure toenail fungus so that you can finally sport sandals or flip flops when the weather turns warm.

As for those more-traditional trouble spots, plastic surgeons will still be hot on Coolsculpting with Zeltiq in 2012. This fat-freezing technology will continue to shrink double chins, post-pregnancy pouches and love handles in the coming year.

Here’s what else you can expect to see:

The message finally gets through!

How many more horror stories do we need to hear about plastic surgeries gone wrong before realizing that these procedures should be left to the pros? At the end of 2011, widespread reports about a charlatan injecting fix-a-flat tire sealant into someone else’s derriere were the final straw. 2012 will likely mark the end of what the American Society of Plastic Surgeons dubs “white coat deception.” Plastic surgery should be reserved for a select group of trained specialists – a weekend course in liposuction does not a plastic surgeon make.

The Wrinkle Race Heats Up

With the approval of Xeomin in 2011, there are now three botulinum toxins used cosmetically. Expect to see rebates, price drops and Groupons galore as companies and surgeons vie for your business. The real dark horse in the race could be topical Botox. Preliminary studies are looking good; keep your eyes peeled for Revance therapeutics to get the FDA’s nod in 2012.

More Male Procedures

Glossy magazines sell off the rack when they feature photos of female reality TV actresses and film stars who may or may not have nipped or tucked. Expect to see more male celebs gracing these covers as male plastic surgery picks up speed in the new year.

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